All about bras


We started Closely because no one else in the bra-world offered a cool, interesting fusion of design and comfort. You take it for granted when it comes to running shoes. Why not when it comes to underwear?

Every single Closely bra features amazing materials and a perfect fit. It's true for the iconic T-Shirt bras, the bralettes and the sports bras.

It's underwear that feels like no underwear. Sensual, liberating, sustainable.

You see broad straps on many of the bras. We like the look and we like how it feels. Great support and better weight distribution. The unique hook in the back is a Closely invention that makes criss crossed straps work smoothly for the first time. Without wrinkles. Crossing the straps adds more support in the outer part of the cup.

The padded bras use a new and extremely flexible foam that adapts to the shape of each breast. 140% more breathable than traditional foam.

Many of the bras come in 44 sizes. The Freedom Bralette goes up to 3XL. People say it's crazy for a new brand but we close our ears. If you want to offer a perfect fit you need lots of sizes. It's as easy as that.

We use two different high quality micro fabrics. They strech in all directions and has an extra smooth surface that stays beautiful over time. 74% recycled materials and Blue Sign certified. (Read about our impact here.) The Bird Lace is soft and strechy with a unique pattern from Stockholm artist Jenny Ekström.