This is Closely

Who are we?

Closely was founded in 2019 with the mission to create a new premium alternative in the world of women’s underwear and sportswear. We aim to create amazing underwear featuring fantastic quality and a perfect fit. It’s sensual and liberating. It’s the next generation of underwear.

Our “Why?”

We discovered a gap in the market where functionality, innovation and mindful material choices weren’t in focus for women’s underwear. And we set out to fill it. Our underwear and sportswear are crafted from premium materials that allow everyone to feel comfortable. Because how many hours a week do you wear your bra? Your briefs? Your workout gear? Every piece should be a favourite, a second skin. A comfortable, liberating supporter that follows your every move. 

Our “How?”

We’re constantly evolving, flowing together with the ever-changing world while staying true to our core. Being humble to the fact that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Our something is being transparent with both our supply chain and our carbon footprint on every product. Our carbon footprint assessment covers all emissions from the raw material extraction stage to the time that the products arrive in our warehouse in Sweden. We’ve also worked together with you to continuously develop our products to ensure amazing comfort and a perfect fit is accessible to everyone. Getting close, closer, Closely to you.

Our “What?”

Underwear that feels like no underwear. And sportswear that gives you the freedom to move however you like. With meticulous attention to detail and function, we’ve created sportswear that hugs you in all the right places, and bras and briefs that stretch in all directions and are comfortable to wear every day. Broad straps, unique hooks, invisible seams, velvet flocking and extremely flexible foam create great support and amazing weight distribution. That’s our what. That’s Closely.